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This book was made while living on and traveling
across Land and Country belonging to many Indigenous Communities.
 I wrote most of this text while visiting Whadjak Noongar Country.
I offer my respect to their People, their Elders, and their sovereign Land.

New Heaven.
The biotech capital of the sol system. 
Gateway to Jupiter's exploited frontier.

At the heart of it all is a secret, controlled by the Authority.
A secret they used to build an empire. 
To build you.
A biotech miracle, the syntheses of human and angel DNA.

6 months ago you and your clone siblings escaped
from the lab where the Authority raised you.

You’ve found family in the streets of New Heaven. Found a home.
A place where you are more than the weapon they made you.

The Authority wants you back. You can't let that happen.

"New Heaven , the Gateway to Jupiter, is a twisted knot of metal, glass and space rock -- wealthy, sprawling, dominated by condensation."

Make Our Own Heaven is a tabletop roleplaying game, for one Facilitator and any number of Angel Players.

The Angel Players take on the role of hybridised human angel clones.
Raised from birth as experimental bioweapons, an trained to be tools for the Authority (the corporate rulers of Jov.) On the run in Jupiter's biggest city you'll need more than Skill and Divine Power to survive. 

This is a game about community building, found family, and meaningful resistance.

"You were soldier, spy and thief all in one, not to mention your powers.
How they ever expected to keep you prisoner is fucking beyond me."

Inspired by the tv shows Dark Angel, B: The Beginning, and The Expanse. As well as real world activist and community groups in my home town and around the world.
This isn't a game about being a superhero fighting for vengeance.
This is a game about using the gifts you have to help the people you depend on, and who depend on you. It's a Slice of Life power fantasy. 

"The Authority didn't build New Heaven, the people of Jupiter did."

Your power comes from your connection to the people around you, which is reflected in the mechanics of the game. In order to overcome obstacles you'll need to expend energy using your skills and powers. Trying to apply them in creative ways. They more you invoke that power, the more you drain it. The only way to refresh that lost energy? Not by resting, but by helping your community.

Through play you'll learn more about your Angelic nature, and where your power comes from. Explore the districts of New Heaven. An help your community achieve their goals. Build Alliances and friends ships, and embarrass or disgrace your enemies.

What do people have to say about Make Our Own Heaven?

"If you want a game that centre’s mutual aid, with the mechanics to back it, Make Our Own Heaven is exactly what you’re looking for." - Logan Timmins, creator of Preparing for Paris and LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game

"Make Our Own Heaven creates a vibrant world full of interesting people and exciting possibilities. I love inhabiting this place, and can't get enough of it." - Alex Costello, Rag-NERD-rok podcast and creator of Longshot.

"Make Our Own Heaven builds on Reizor’s dedication to the subjects of autonomy, solidarity and found family. This remarkable RPG speaks to rebellion and the revolution we build through community resistance." - Rae White, poet, author, and editor for Enby Life.

What's included in your purchase?

  • A 30 Page Full Colour PDF, with illustrations, setting information, game mechanics, and play guides
  • A Black and White, printer friendly, accessible version of the PDF
  • High Quality versions of the play sheets. The Angel Sheet, Community Sheet, and Forces of Authority Sheet.
  • NEWLY ADDED! You get access to the Districts and Genecodes handout originally created for Kickstarter.

This game was Written by Ray Cox, with additions from Lachlan McGowan.
Editing was done by Lachlan McGowan, with proof reading by Rae White and Vaughan Stephens.
Paintings were done by Nika Romanov.
Layout and graphic design by Emma Sommons.

This game comes with Content Warnings for discussions of the following topics and themes.

Medical Experimentation, Colonialism, Fascism, Police Brutality, Segregation, Execution, Body Horror, Blasphemy, and Forced Surgery.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsangels, biopunk, community, Cyberpunk, Itch Funding, LGBTQIA, Queer, Sci-fi, Tabletop


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found a flyer for this In meanjin (4075) and looked it and was sold instantly, such a vibe, both from the creator and the work itself. Funnily enough the next day i went to the same cafe and the flyer was...gone. Glad i found it in time!!!! Excited to play with my partners!!!!

That's awesome!

Very cool that someone put up a flyer, it wasn't me. I should do that here in Newcastle sometime. Similarly, no idea why it was pulled down.
Glad you found it time!


This is such a strange and unique concept, and I love it!


thanks 😅

I hope you'll have a chance to play it 😉

(1 edit) (+1)

My entry for MOOH in this years 31 character challenge:

an awesome read, thanks for sharing!

Loved reading your summery, and how you filled things in.

If you'd like to hear how Make Our Own Heaven is played, Jeff has an actual play up on Party Of One podcast. 



Is this game for having fun adventures or is this for exploring modern politics?  The human angel hybrid thing seems cool to me, but I'm not interested in science fiction that's really just modern day culture war conflicts.


First off, game is explicitly a commentary on the twin evils of colonialism and capitalism. It's not an Adventuring game.

Second, this comment and others you have left all across the site demonstrate a contempt for the games you are commenting on.

All art is political, either explicitly or implicitly. 

This game is clearly not what you are looking for, but you knew that before you commented. It's a Biopunk game, of course it's gonna deal with political themes. You are clearly out here commenting on bad faith.

I don't want your money, or your patronage. Get outta my comments.


This looks like a super interesting game. Just, on page 23 in the Small and Large Obstacles paragraph, there's a typo with a ) instead of O

thanks for spotting! And thanks for buying the game.

I'll be rolling out typo fixes soon.

Ah yes, I found the typo you are referencing. How the heck did I use a bracet in place of an O?


A 1% Sale…


Yes, correct 😊


What's the problem with a creator having a 1% sale?