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found a flyer for this In meanjin (4075) and looked it and was sold instantly, such a vibe, both from the creator and the work itself. Funnily enough the next day i went to the same cafe and the flyer was...gone. Glad i found it in time!!!! Excited to play with my partners!!!!

That's awesome!

Very cool that someone put up a flyer, it wasn't me. I should do that here in Newcastle sometime. Similarly, no idea why it was pulled down.
Glad you found it time!


This is such a strange and unique concept, and I love it!


thanks 😅

I hope you'll have a chance to play it 😉

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My entry for MOOH in this years 31 character challenge:

an awesome read, thanks for sharing!

Loved reading your summery, and how you filled things in.

If you'd like to hear how Make Our Own Heaven is played, Jeff has an actual play up on Party Of One podcast.


Is this game for having fun adventures or is this for exploring modern politics?  The human angel hybrid thing seems cool to me, but I'm not interested in science fiction that's really just modern day culture war conflicts.


First off, game is explicitly a commentary on the twin evils of colonialism and capitalism. It's not an Adventuring game.

Second, this comment and others you have left all across the site demonstrate a contempt for the games you are commenting on.

All art is political, either explicitly or implicitly. 

This game is clearly not what you are looking for, but you knew that before you commented. It's a Biopunk game, of course it's gonna deal with political themes. You are clearly out here commenting on bad faith.

I don't want your money, or your patronage. Get outta my comments.


This looks like a super interesting game. Just, on page 23 in the Small and Large Obstacles paragraph, there's a typo with a ) instead of O

thanks for spotting! And thanks for buying the game.

I'll be rolling out typo fixes soon.

Ah yes, I found the typo you are referencing. How the heck did I use a bracet in place of an O?


A 1% Sale…


Yes, correct 😊


What's the problem with a creator having a 1% sale?