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A final battle. A decision to make. What will you sacrifice to make it through? Your love, your life, or peace itself?

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The Game

Live. Love. Die. Remember. is a GMless RPG for 1 to 4 players about mechs falling in love with their pilots, reliving their memories of love before the end, and the cost of victory.

You each play as an AI enabled, humanoid, militarised, robot. A mech. You'll describe scenes that explore your mech’s memories as they are confronted with a choice during their final battle. 

You can listen to several actual play recordings of the game on my podcast. And you can hear me talk about where this game came from, my aims for its accessible pricing structure, and its relationship to my larger upcoming game, Live. Love. Die. on this episode.

What you'll need

You’ll need some dice, some scraps of paper, something to write with, and something to mark your skin with (I recommend permanent marker, or eye liner. Both will come off your skin with hand sanitizer.)

Emotional Mecha Jam

This game was created as part of the Emotional Mecha Jam, and as a precursor to my upcoming emotional mecha action rpg, Live. Love. Die.

Dividing Line

Content Warnings
death, war, war crimes, character death, tragedy, hard choices, love & relationships

Game design & writing: Ray Cox
Graphic design & layout: Finbah Neill

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
AuthorsReizor, Finbah Neill
TagsLGBTQIA, lld, love, mecha, Mechs, Queer, role-playing-game, Romance, Singleplayer, War
Average sessionA few hours


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The lovely people over at the Technical Difficulties podcast just released an actual play episode where they took a look at LLDR. 



I played this with 2 friends and 2 strangers and it was beautiful. I became so attached to my mech and my pilot. And marking your chassis was a very poignant way to mark the passage of time in the game. Loved it. I will play it again.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it 💖

I don't often hear about people having played my games, so it means a lot to me that you got in contact.

Thank you for playing and commenting 🥰

Absolutely!! I wish more people gave feedback so creators could get a better understanding of how their games have impacted their audience.  🥰


Live Love Die Remember is a game about being a war machine that has fallen in love with their pilot.

It's 5 pages, with a clean, extremely well organized layout and a nice evocative cover.

Gameplay-wise, LLDR is exclusively about decisions and descriptions. You don't roll dice to overcome obstacles. You reflect on your memories with the pilot you love, and then you make a choice about your future.

And every option hurts.

The writing of LLDR is really good, but its pacing is even better. Unless you check out and disengage entirely, I don't think it's possible to play this game without being drawn into it and being moved by it.

It's also not heavily anchored to its mecha space-war setting, and you could easily re-flavor it as a bond between a pilot and a plane, or between a wolf and an ancient human. 

Overall, if you like worldbuilding, description, emotional intensity, and one-shots, you should absolutely check out Live Love Die Remember.


It's a cool thing about pilot and plane suggestion, I actually started working on a hack of LLDR about the last flight of a Starship.

Thank you for sharing, it means so much to me to know people are engaging with my work 🧡